Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It's been a long time since I didn't have to artificially backdate an entry so it'd show up on the day about which I was writing. Tonight's going to be an early one because Andy is feeling down and I'm hoping that cuddling might help.

He went into work today for several hours. He's still somewhat weak, but managed to eat lunch and dinner with no appreciable side effects. I called celebril and found out that she caught the same thing Andy did, but she had to go to the hospital to be re-hydrated. Luckily neither Regina nor Danielle caught it. Andy pointed out that it was a good thing we didn't stay the extra night since if we had, I probably would've had to take care of Danielle again. I hope that some subset of us getting sick doesn't become a tradition when we visit them.

While Andy was at work I grocery shopped, did dishes, and headed over to the exercise room since the rain we've been having showed no signs of letting up. Last time I was there the treadmill was turned off due to a leak directly over it. Today it was on, so I took an hour-long walk on it. I may end up abandoning walking in favor of the treadmill; among other things I won't be at the mercy of the elements, or at least I won''t be able to use them as an excuse. I'm also seriously considering, given how hot I got, bringing along a bathing suit and taking a dip after I finish trotting.
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