Cat (willowisp) wrote,

As Andy mentioned in his journal, he was sick all last night. Today he entered the weak stage and was running a 101.<mumble> fever. He couldn't keep down water, but he was able to drink 7-Up and eat some lime Jell-O® cubes I made. He had to take a bath because standing for a shower was too much. I hope he feels better tomorrow; I hate to see him suffer, especially when there's nothing I can do about it.

The kitties have been cute and affectionate today, I lost a topaz while trying to set it, and I might have some news about my sister, but I don't want to announce it until it becomes definite. To keep my mind off of stuff I worked on a character concept I've been playing with on and off. Whether I'll ever join a tabletop RPG group with a GM who'll let me play the character is another story.

The news on the Grandpa front is bad -- it's anyone's guess whether he'll make it until I get back there on the 7th. There are several fights going on at the child and grandchild front; Andy calls it "A bunch of stress using any excuse to get out". He may come with me for Grandpa's birthday trip. I hope he does, since Grandpa indicated to my cousin that he will not be around for her wedding, and both Mom and Pamela have told me that he is doing very poorly.
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