Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The drive up to Virginia was nice and quiet. There was construction, but it's been there forever and probably will still be there when we are long gone. Denny had to go out of town for work, so it's just Heather, Regina, and Danielle. Danielle is a very quiet baby who smiles a lot but wasn't much into laughing despite Heather making funny faces at her. I made cheese soup for dinner, and this time there were no emergency room trips, which is just as well.

We watched Animusic after dinner, and then Monsters Inc. Because of the timing, Regina got to stay up a whole twenty minutes late, though it didn't stop her from wanting to stay up longer. After she was safely in bed we talked until 00:30, which isn't very unusual when it's just Andy and me involved, but which was a big surprise given the Heather variable. She used to pumpkin at 10:00 or so when we gamed in Utica, and sometimes made it to 11:00.

The talk was good, if somewhat hard at times, and we're probably going to stay later than we'd planned. Whether it's just leaving late tomorrow afternoon or staying an extra night remains to be seen. I did bring along enough meds to stay an extra week, but we'd need to do laundry if we stay over. I also only left enough food for the kitties for tonight and tomorrow morning. Ben and Conni have a key to our place, though, so as long as they're in town they could probably stop by and give them a bit more. For now Heather is apparently rubbing off on us, because we're tired much earlier than usual. Hopefully we'll even be able to sleep tonight.
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