Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A few days ago I placed an order with Thai Gems. Yesterday I received mail saying they'd shipped, which I figured meant that once again I would get it after the weekend. For those just joining us, they ship via FedEx 24-72 hour worldwide, except the FedEx folks artificially hold it up on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So, when I went down to the car and saw a FedEx truck, I didn't really hope much. Then I saw the delivery guy heading up our steps, so I headed back. Meanwhile, Andy passed me going the wrong way, figured things back out, and went back up to intercept him. I'm very happy with the order; tanzanite for December for the birthstone jewelry I'm making and that last component I needed to make a wedding present for a friend. The only sad part was that the aquamarines I ordered for the birthstone jewelry does not look at all blue, except when put up next to real white stones, and then it just looks less white.

The main roads were dry for the most part, so once we got out of the complex and onto Airport Rd, things went smoothly. Lunch was, as usual, very good, and we got to all of our appointments on time. Then we came home and, while Andy was exercising, I went over and used a stationary bike at the complex fitness room. While it was ok for walking temperature-wise, the sidewalks had a layer of ice and I wasn't particularly in the mood to break my neck.

We had leftover chicken and fettuccine Alfredo for dinner, although we used corn noodles because Andy thinks they taste better than wheat noodles when it comes to the Alfredo sauce. Then I typed up a character type (actually, a goddess and what her specialty clerics would be like) to take to Heather and Denny's tomorrow. I also got the necklace I re-made after Regina broke her original and the latest Sluggy book out so I wouldn't forget them, and started a fire. Andy and I sat on the couch and looked at websites together.

If Grandpa can make it for just two more weeks he'll reach his 79th birthday.
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