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Andy got home at about 04:15, which means he beat the deadline by an hour and forty-five minutes. Given how the Siggraph rush usually plays out at UNC, that may well be a record. He also managed to pull off the whole thing with no all-nighters, even if he did cut it close a few times. I hope his paper is accepted this year; the Siggraph reviewers often go for Earth-shattering glitz rather than solid progress on open problems.

Yesterday was pretty restless. I started and finished The Hobbit on Monday, and I couldn't find anything I was in the mood to read. Finally, though, at about 02:00 I picked up Pterry's The Last Hero, which was a gift from turnberryknkn. I'd been saving it for when I really needed a lift, and since Andy was in school for who-knows-how-long, I decided that the day/night qualified. The book is very good so far.

Today Andy did the whole "he's just resting" thing. We went to get some prescriptions refilled, and now that we're no longer on our former insurance plan, we really miss the $20.00 copay. It looks like they'll only be covering about 60%, although I suppose that's better than a lot of people have. I'm currently dealing with the week or so window each month where I tend to be more morose, and over the weekend I'd mentioned to Andy the possibility of going off all of my meds, even those for diabetes. Luckily he figured out that I was in my passively self-destructive mood and talked me out of it. I'm glad we had no idea how much the bill would be today, because I might well have just skipped it.

I made a decision today after looking some stuff up on ebay. I'm going to re-list the earrings in a few days, and if they don't sell I'm going to stop trying at an auction level. Instead I'm seriously considering taking advantage of Paypal's free shopping cart offer and trying to sell the things by word-of-mouth or whatever. I don't expect to sell very many, but if I do I can use the proceeds to get more. I'll probably get a limited number of a whole bunch of different colors instead of just the blues and hope that with a wider selection, there may be some interest. What it'll end up coming down to is whether I talk myself out of it, whether I have the patience to integrate their system into a page of my own, and if I really am the only person in the world into that type of thing.

In other news on ebay, my favorite seller is back, and he's gotten some gorgeous new stuff in. For instance, there's this one, which I love not only for its blue/purple coloring, but also because it's an odd shape like my cobalt Nancy Becker weight and my rock. I may bid on it if no one else does, though since I'm pretty sure it's new, I won't be heartbroken if someone else gets there first.

Three days until we finally get to see Heather and Denny (and Regina and Danielle) again! I'm looking forward to the trip, even though it means a long drive. Actually, we should visit them more often and take advantage of how close we are while we still have a chance. Between my trips to Rome, the possible trip to London in March, the newly-instituted fondue Fridays, GNO, and possibly visiting some of our more far-flung friends (blackgryphon, I haven't forgotten what Andy said about finally meeting you, and there are two ferts I need to foozle), it may not be nearly so calm a year as I'd like. That's good, though -- like certain Hobbits, I've become too familiar with a very sheltered self-imposed routine, and maybe I could use a bit of variety.
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