Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Although I've fudged the time so this entry will fall on Monday, it is now 3:45. Andy is on his way home from work finally. He spent most of his day there, save for dinner, due to a staff member who installed something incorrectly, never tested it, and then decided to take Martin Luther King Day off even though the most important deadline of the year is Wednesday. Not that I'm overtired and bitter or anything.

Oh well. For my part the day was mundane -- I made dinner, ran the dishwasher, and folded the laundry from yesterday. I also started re-reading The Hobbit, and while I remembered most of the important events, there were a few parts which I might as well have been reading for the first time. I plan to finish the book before going to bed. I won't be able to read The Silmarillion until we get a copy; Andy's appears to have gone missing, and is probably at his parents' house since he last saw it at school.
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