Cat (willowisp) wrote,

When I got up at 10:00 to feed the sharks, I checked the faucet in the bathroom, and got a whole lot of nothing. So, I fed Thena and Gail, and then I heard an odd sound; sort of like water pouring into the washing machine. Upon investigating I found that it was, indeed, the case. It was vaguely puzzling since I was forewarned of the water going off and had been careful not to have any appliances running. Anyway, my next stop was the bathroom again, where I got sputters and spurts and eventually a low-pressure stream of water, as we'd had before it went out completely. By the time Andy got up for his shower water pressure was back to normal.

People will no doubt be shocked to learn that Andy spent most of the day at work. He came home for dinner somewhat earlier than last night, and before going back we spent some together time. He was there until about 12:30, which is an improvement on last night, though it's now approaching 2am and he's still working from the couch. He's hoping to have it ready to go well before the final... well, he actually wrote about it in his journal, callicrates for those who want the gory details.

I revised my ebay earrings today; I changed the title, fixed a typo in the description, and added a line about the earrings being new. Several people have looked since the title change, but still no nibbles. Oh well, hopefully it'll be like some of my others wherein most of the looking and bidding was done in the last 24 hours of the auction.

Most of my day was spent working on Belior Rising. I did a "take almost no prisoners" idle-desting, then updates some of the webpages. I set up some stuff for a hopeful recruitment drive, and now I'm just waiting for dreamswept to be on at the same time I am so she can check it out. I also finally re-alphabetized the DTU, since it has problems with the 10th entry of any list. The dragons and firelizards are once again back in order. I don't know if anyone besides me even cares, but even if no one else does, I do.
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