Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Day 5

So, after throwing that last temper tantrum I took my usual six-circuit walk. This time I definitely saw a firefly who was about a bright a yellow as they flash. Oddly enough I only saw the one, plus the various moths and gnats which are out on muggy NC nights. Someday I need to drive and see how far I'm walking in that hour. I know there's no way I'm doing a ten-minute mile, but hopefully I'm at least getting in two or three in 60 minutes.

Andy got himself into a little corner during paper presentations and spent much of the day MUSHing with me. It was almost as if he was just at school rather than in Texas. It's not so long now til he comes home -- twenty hours and forty-five minutes, if I'm doing the math correctly. Thena and Gail have missed him, as have I, and I'm sure they'll be relieved to see him come home.

I didn't get the baking done, but I do have some ambitious plans between now and when I drug myself to sleep at 0100. The biggest project is one I don't think Andy ever expected me to do at all, so it should be a good surprise. I also need to straighten up some, but it's not like other times when I've done no housework until the day he was returning. I've also showered and gotten dressed every day this week, which is also a change -- sometimes I've not gone outside the entire time. I wish I'd gotten more walks in, but at least I've done three in a row now. The hardest part is establishing the habit.

I'm cutting this short now in order both to have a chance at getting a dent in my project and also so it's still technically day 5 when I submit it. I don't know if my next post will be before or after he arrives, or even if one'll happen at all tomorrow. Time to get to work now, though.
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