Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The big news of the day was that last night a water main in the apartment complex broke, and most of last night and early today went by with very little water pressure. Then at about 15:00 the water was completely turned off. They estimated it would stay that way for 8-12 hours, and we're now approaching 11 (hours, not the time of night). Amusingly enough, our two spoiled kitties have had a luxury denied to the rest of the complex today -- running water, courtesy of their fountain.

Andy spent most of the day at work, coming home for dinner and going right back. I spent most of the day finishing The Two Towers and tearing through The Return of the King. I may actually try to tackle The Silmarillion, since I'd been avoiding it for much the same reason I'd been avoiding a re-read of the trilogy. It's just past 02:30 and Andy is on his way home. He promised himself and me no overnighters, but he's cutting it close. It'll be nice to see him again, though.
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