Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Being Friday, we did our usual stint of lunch and then errands. Instead of our usual restaurant we went to one which opened today. I'd rather stick with our regular one and let Andy and Tanner tackle the new one. Though perhaps their teriyaki might hold some promise. I'm almost finished with my first re-read of The Two Towers since I was, oh, half my current age, if that. I had put it off for so long because I remembered it being a terribly hard read, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it's going. I have two chapters left, which means I'll have long-since finished the last book by the time I go back to Rome, provided that Grandpa survives until his birthday.

Due to a slight miscommunication I got dinner for tomorrow and Sunday done today, because I thought we were supposed to be having it tonight and tomorrow. Then I put together one brick's worth of the cinnamon-sugar cream cheese balls which I first tried under esmerel's tender care and we went over to Tanner and Janell's for fondue. The cheese balls were gone before the last guests arrived. Tanner and Janell want the Friday fondue night to become a new tradition, and Andy surprised me by being all for it, even though there were lots of people. Perhaps it helps that we'd met most of them before.

Although we had no more snow today it was certainly cold enough for any precipitation to be frozen. There are still patches of snow on the ground, so it stuck, more or less Maybe tomorrow since we don't have plans to go anywhere, and if it's still so cold, we can have a fire.
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