Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I really need to get a notebook for by the bed and write down what I remember of my dreams. I know I've had several which I've remembered in the past few days, but now they're running into each other. Anyway, I woke up this morning and had a dream from that and then I dozed off again and had a completely different dream.

Today was lunch with Tanner day for Andy. While he was there I started laundry and took some fuzzy pictures of the earring set I wanted to sell on ebay. Although Gail did her level best to get into all of them, the pictures were not fuzzy due to her presence. After Andy got home I got them transferred into a place where I could GIMP them, then drove Andy to school. After I got home I listed them. turnberryknkn once requested that I link to my auctions, so here goes: some earrings. I already know that the description is syrupy sap and that the pictures aren't as clear as they could be. If you notice any outstanding errors otherwise, though, please let me know.

GNO finally happened tonight. Ben and Conni couldn't make it, but a new couple, Lisa and Mike, were there. We've met before at birthdays, fondue parties, or other events held by Tanner. We met at Tanner and Janell's house, which has much more room than our apartment. The meeting Janell had thought she had to go to was canceled in anticipation of snow, and it was so nice seeing her. Bram tried to untie my shoes and discovered the joys of double-knots. He also apparently wanted me to juggle, as he brought me several balls. Since I didn't want to bean him (or anyone in a radius only bounded by the walls dividing rooms) I demurred.

We got a lot of pretty snow which I was able to appreciate much more once we were off the road and safely at home. It looks all wintry and peaceful outside, though it's really just a dusting. In Rome the snowbanks were about my height. I wonder if the snow will even be here tomorrow -- it's 38 degrees out now, and the snow was the wet poofy kind even as it fell.

I have finally manged to tempt three people to the dark side. First I ensnared yarnowl/Sherry, then callicrates/Andy and most recently erish/Kirsti. The last occurred today when she logged in to catch up on stuff. It was so nice seeing her again; it's been far too long since we last did. Actually, that was the case with Sherry and with Heather and Denny (I will lure at least one of them onto here), and is in fact a running thread. We're overdue to visit San Jose and Seattle, though we will be in San Diego in August for Siggraph. We'll also hopefully be visiting Kirsti in March for an origami festival.

Andy and I had a long talk tonight. I'm from a somewhat sheltered, or perhaps a better word is "inhibited" background, and there's a lot of stuff I simply can't relate to. He really wants to acquaint me with them, and I'm finding myself fighting it every step of the way. Irrational hangups can be a real pain, especially when intellectually you know better. Anyway, I don't know how much I'll actually journalize since one of my inhibitions has to do with not talking about that sort of thing, but if anyone here is uncomfortable with this last paragraph, please let me know.
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