Cat (willowisp) wrote,

And finally we're back to some semblance of routine. I drove Andy to work, then came home and started laundry. I force-fed myself three servings of carrots for lunch, then resumed my walking program. It was quite cold today, especially in the first three rounds when the wind was blowing. Once I got home I showered and waited until Andy was about ready to join me.

I did make a quick run to pick up the groceries I'd forgotten last night and to deposit the check I forgot to take along last night. Then I picked him up, we came home, he made salad and set the table while I got the chicken ready and made the noodles for chicken and parmesan with spaghetti with butter and garlic salt. We're going offline a bit early tonight so we can chat about some stuff, and tomorrow I may try to get pictures and finally list the auction idea I'd had back in July.
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