Cat (willowisp) wrote,

callicrates and I slept in, then spent some time making up for the fact I was gone for four days. It was a nice way to spend a morning and early afternoon. Afterward he went to work while I did a fair amount of nothing. I think I needed one day just to recover from all of the running around I did while in Rome.

When Andy got home from work we discussed whether he might visit Rome with me for Grandpa's birthday, and decided not to decide until after the Siggraph deadline. I made reservations for myself despite the USAirways site's best efforts, and hopefully once he's decided the same decent fare will be in place.

I went shopping to get ingredients for dinner and, while I remembered the stuff I had been expecting to forget, I ended up forgetting some stuff which I shouldn't have. That's ok, I also forgot to take the check which needed depositing, so I'll be doing a makeup run when I drive Andy to work tomorrow.

I blow my nose at the electric donkey bottom biters at NC's department of revenue. Since I theoretically planned to sell the jewelry which I made (a project on indefinite hold), I registered for a tax number. They didn't receive my tax return for September, nor did they receive the makeup. So now I'm sending in the thing the third time under threats of legal action, all for making no money whatsoever. I also have to mail in the return for this month. Silly me, when they said they had online returns, I never figured I'd have to print out and mail in a form to create an account for online filing. Mutter.

The kitties were both adorable today, and I achieved much foozling. I am endlessly bemused at how much Gail and Noia look alike and how very different they are personality-wise. Noia managed some tearing bites on my hand, and it still hurts quite a bit. Gail, in contrast, only play-bites, and when she scratches it's by accident. Noia regularly beats people up. The closest Gail comes is bunting your hand with her head in hopes that you'll pet her. Noia hisses and growls as a matter of course. Gail makes many cute squeaks and mews and coos, but I've never heard her growl, let alone hiss. Bandit and Thena look and act nothing alike, except that they both like lying on open books and both meow loudly when unhappy. Bandit isn't much for foozling, though he likes being petted. I'm glad to be back home with the Foo and the Widget.

I made brownies with egg substitute today, and they have even less structural integrity than usual. I think I may have overdone the canola oil. Luckily Andy likes them when they flop, so there's no problem with them having flopped even more than usual. I wonder if any of the wheat-free brownie mixes out there are as yummy as Pillsbury. One of these weeks, when stuff with Grandpa has settled down, I'll have to check.

On a final happy note, we're penciled in to go visit Denny and Heather the weekend after next. Andy's deadline will have passed and I'm not due back in Rome until February. It'll be nice visiting someone without having their medical condition hanging over the whole trip -- Heather will not be able to get appendicitis again ;). It'll also be neat to see Danielle: if my four-month-old cousin is any indication, then seven-month-old Danielle will be reacting to her environment and smiling and such, rather than just crying. I also need to remember to take the necklace I made for Regina. She broke it promptly last time (at least it wasn't the fault of my knot), but found most of the beads so I re-strung it.
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