Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I managed to get up before Mom got home from work and was packed and beginning my shower when she was opening the garage door. Unfortunately the weather in Boonville was bad, so we couldn't go visit Grandpa, but I called him to say goodbye. We got to the airport approximately four hours early because the storm was going to get worse as the day wore on. Luckily the nice USAir agent asked if I wanted to take an earlier flight, thus saving me the problem of bringing it up. callicrates picked me up at the airport and all was good. After dinner we went home and aside from a brief trip to school because one of his machines had hung, we're planning on being reunited lovers and all that sappy stuff.

Noia beat me up twice on the second day, then later on bit the heck out of my left hand. She also beat me up this morning. And on the third day she hopped into my lap and purred her furry little throat out, just to confuse issues. Bandit makes a good lap-kitty, although his favorite place to sit is on the book you're reading. Thena must've influenced him.
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