Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I was up and showered by the time Pamela and Dave got here, and we all had lunch, then went to Grandpa's. He seemed to be doing pretty well again. While Dave, Mary, Mom, and Pamela played cards, I sat and watched football with Grandpa. We made some small talk, and I was mostly waiting for him to take his afternoon nap. One of Mary's daughters called to let us know the infomercial about the calcium treatments was on. They all gathered around to watch it, and Grandpa seemed quite impressed. Up til now I don't think he'd been quite so sure about this whole thing, but afterward he was showing renewed interest. Mom, on the other hand, wasn't too happy when she realized it was an infomercial -- she apparently distrusts them.

As always, it was fun listening to the card game; Dave and Mary especially play off of each other. Grandpa saw an ad for Chinese and asked if he could have some shrimp fried rice. Since it was beginning to snow fairly heavily we decided to go pick it up for him and then head home. The drive was quiet, no deer, and the roads were even dry closer to Rome. Mom is hoping to take half a day off of work and go to Grandpa's before the airport tomorrow, but the weather forecast doesn't sound very promising. She may just get me to the airport very early and I'll see if I can catch an earlier flight. I'm planning on coming back on the 7th, and hoping callicrates will come too, for Grandpa's birthday.

I still need to get my laundry out of the dryer, pack, and try to get some sleep tonight. I've been fighting a vicious headache all day today, and I'm hoping that sleep will help.
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