Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It's been snowing almost constantly since I arrived, and traveling to and from Boonville to visit Grandpa was interesting. Thank goodness no deer tried to play chicken with us either way. I rode with Uncle Rich, in his SUV-which-gets-27-miles-to-the-gallon (he has a four-cylinder engine, manual transmission, and front-wheel drive. I am no SUV expert and won't even pretend to attest to the veracity). We did slide a lot less than Mom, who 180d early in the drive.

Grandpa was looking better than I'd feared he would, and ate more than I've seen him eat in the past few months -- fried noodles, half a banana, raisins, and a donut. Mom and Uncle Rich think the calcium he's been getting may have already started working, since both claim he's much better than they left him on Friday. My position as the skeptic has been duly noted by Gerry, Mom, and Uncle Rich, and I've asked them not to tell Aunt Eileen so as to avoid any panicked phone calls on her part. I've also made it abundantly clear that I'm very much hoping to be dead wrong in this one, and that my doubts were more from lack of positive information than for prevalence of negative.

Pamela never made the trip from Syracuse due to the weather, but will try to make it tomorrow. Uncle Rich left after lunch and made it safely home (leaving a funny message, which segued into a very hoping-for-hope one, on Mom's machine when he got onto the Mass 'pike). We went to Gerry's and encountered a CJ who started out smiling, went to famished, and ended up overtired even though he slept most of the day. He's already 20 pounds, and they're trying to get him used to mashed fruit/veggies and cereal. He likes bananas. He listens very intently when Gerry reads to him.

After grocery shopping we came home and I read Dave Barry while Mom did computer stuff. We had yummy Chinese for dinner, then she watched some cop shows while I took my turn and Andy and I both wished one of us was where the other is. The storm which has been nailing upstate is predicted to last well beyond Monday, so I may end up staying here a bit longer than planned -- or maybe they'll put me on different flights home, jets instead of the puddle-jumpers I'm currently flying out on. Who knows, if the weather is bad and Mom drives me to Syracuse hours early like she's threatening, maybe I can even talk someone into letting me on an earlier flight or something. First I have to get through tomorrow, though, at any rate.
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