Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Since it was Thursday, Andy went out to lunch with Tanner. It was downright warm today, so I didn't walk while Andy was away. When he got home we decided to spend some time together. We'd been advised to give each other massages, so we started today with our hands. Andy gave me a lot of advice which I'll probably forget. Then we cuddled and talked for a while, followed by some experimentation.

After driving Andy to school I went to Whole Foods and got flowers for the flight tomorrow. I also got a dozen mixed-color roses for Andy while I'm gone, and some more Brown Cow and some Spanish almonds he really likes. As we chatted online I opened one of the yogurts and ate it. As soon as I was done Gail came over, sniffed the empty container, and tried to bury it under a sheet of stamps. Thena was very purry today and was shadowing me even before the suitcase came out.

My walk was uneventful. I finally figured out who the skittish kitty reminds me of, both in looks and personality: esmerel's Elwood. I don't know, maybe it's the coloration or something. Anyway, in good news, the walk took an hour and two or three minutes. I've taken as long as an hour and a half, and I believe that my average time used to be 75 minutes or so. I hope I didn't just somehow skip a lap.

Before beginning my walk I'd put some laundry in for a cycle and tossed it into the dryer. I came home to a load of nice packable items. I also got some other laundry out of the way as I packed. I'll wait to do dishes until I've emptied out the coffee pot tomorrow, but I'll have some time because everything except my inhaler is ready to go. I'm sure I'll figure out what I forgot on the plane, but for now I'm going to try to get some sleep.
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