Cat (willowisp) wrote,

So today was back to something, though not routine. Andy went along while I did my Friday errand, then I dropped him off at work. He ended up staying until after 22:00, and even when he came home he didn't stop. He finally nailed his second bug of today sometime between getting home and dinner. We had taco salads and rice today, and when grocery shopping on Monday I was pleasantly surprised to find shells meant for taco salads. Sadly the minimum amount of time at the temperature recommended left them somewhat overdone. Andy said the smell reminded him of slightly burnt theater popcorn.

It was absolutely gorgeous today. I took my walk in short sleeves, and although there were a few times when I was a bit hot, there was never a point where I wished I had my sweatshirt. It's hard to believe that a month ago trees were falling left and right under the weight of the ice. I started walking when it was sunny and finished with the moon out and the sky that deep and luminous shade of blue right before it begins going black. I saw much kitty life, from Cornelius peeking out at me from her lattice-work to a gorgeous fluffy black cat with white markings who is extremely skittish. There was also an all-black cat with the black and white one on one of the rounds. Also, I forgot to mention something which happened a few days ago, mostly because I got some bad news immediately after the walk and was in no mood to remember. Anyway, I saw a pair of female and a pair of male cardinals hanging out together on a tree. I guess double-dating occurs even in the wild.

I got an e-mail from Mom today saying that Uncle Rich wanted to see one of the pictures I have online which went into Grandpa's album. I quickly sent him an e-mail giving him the main gallery URL and one of his album. A few minutes later I got a phone call from Uncle Rich. I told him I'd sent the mail to his address, and he said he was at Mom's. I was somewhat dismayed, because he'd been planning on coming last weekend but had stayed home due to the storm, and we'd hoped he'd be there this weekend while I was there. When I mentioned that to him he told me that he would, in fact, be there this weekend. It'll be nice seeing him, and I'll definitely try to get Gerry and him together if I can contrive it.
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