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Ah, Monday

So it's Monday, and just in case I had any chance of forgetting the fact, it began hitting early. The hits are literal; those of hammers and such as our building is worked on. Last week on Monday and Tuesday the outside was pressure-cleaned, today through the 22nd (including one Saturday, appropriately the 13th) they'll be re-siding and painting. It's somewhat disconcerting to look out of a third floor window and see someone looking back at you or, even weirder, seeing someone's legs because they're higher up than you are. It's also odd to have things fall off the desk because someone is hammering the wall outside.

This morning Thena began asking to be fed even earlier than usual; about two hours before it was time. At just about kitty feeding time we heard a loud crash and I went out to see what Gail had done. For once it wasn't her, but just the first of the many poundings which knocked something down. Anyway, Thena the ever-hungry was very confused. She kept approaching to jump into my lap (a pre-requisite to being fed), pausing, and retreating. A couple of times she even got so far and standing on her hind legs and poising to jump, but she kept faltering. Finally hunger overcame hesitation and she jumped up.

I was even more bemused by Gail, who is usually the bold one. She hid under the bed in the kitties' room and, when she came out, would come maybe halfway into the living room before retreating. When I went into her room and lifted the bedspread she cooed at me and let me pet her, but she wouldn't come out. Finally, some 90 minutes after feeding time, I put her food dish in the room, and she emerged halfway from under the bed in order to eat -- I may post a picture later. Hopefully Thena and Gail will get used to the noise and shaking fairly quickly.

Oh well, I should probably get going soon. I'll need to deliver Andy unto the bowels of hell^W^W^W^WSitterson Hall to suffer unimaginable torment^W^W^Wwork on his thesis until all hours. Hopefully today the m$ FPOS will manage to stay up so that we don't have to do any emergency recoveries from the Linux backups. Wish us luck!
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