Cat (willowisp) wrote,

My turn

In lieu of my having anything new to report, here is my contribution to the hundred things meme going around.

1) Fall, spring, and winter take turns being my favorite seasons.

2) I am a night owl.

3) I'm more tolerant of cold than heat.

4) I daydream a lot.

5) I love stars, but due to various circumstances I've only spent four years in a place where stargazing was actually more than just the brightest constellations.

6) I am thoroughly loyal in friends, though prior experience has taught me not to expect reciprocation.

7) Despite being named Cat, I have no problem with dogs.

8) My long-term goal at this point is to obtain and train two Australian Shepherds as therapy dogs.

9) I would also be willing to raise puppies destined to be guide dogs, though I don't know if I'd be able to give them up.

10) I hope that if I ever witness someone being attacked that I'll be brave enough to intervene.

11) I consider myself neither bisexual nor heterosexual nor homosexual.

12) I have no problem with equal-opportunity polyamory. I do, however, object if only the male is allowed to have multiple spouses.

13) I am a feminist. I do not hate men, believe marriage is slavery, or expect any special treatment of women -- just equal.

14) I believe that what goes on between consenting adults is their business, and certainly has no business being legislated.

15) I am all for gay marriages, and the extension of benefits such as spousal health care and such to any couple willing to commit to one another.

16) I am firmly in the "separation of church and state" category.

17) I believe the pledge of allegiance should be restored to its original state, with all post-Bellamy meddling removed.

18) I want to see an aurora in person someday.

19) I miss the The Far Side off-the-wall calendar.

20) I love playing number games, but I hated math while growing up.

21) I am obsessive about doing things in threes.

22) Taking a long hot shower is, for me, one of life's greatest pleasures.

23) I have an overactive imagination which kicks in at some of the worst times.

24) I've been told I'm a good writer, though I usually find my writing to be overly convoluted, too sappy, or too devoid of anything profound.

25) My favorite author is CS Lewis.

26) I was a vegetarian for a year or two in college, but ended up omnivorous again when I realized I missed the taste of meat too much.

27) Whenever possible I use free range dairy/eggs/meat and ecologically friendly products.

28) I'm ok with hunting, so long as the hunters use the meat and/or hides of the animal(s) they kill.

29) I really miss playing tabletop RPGs.

30) I read banned books (and unbanned books, for that matter).

31) I like the Monkees.

32) I believe faith is stronger for being tested than it can ever be if a person has never been exposed to other ideas and ways.

33) I have been a practicing druid, and may well still be one at heart. The personality quizzes all seem to think so, at least.

34) One of my oldest dreams is to hang-glide.

35) Perhaps my oldest dream, and one which I hold as strongly, if not more so, is someday to go into space.

36) Dichroic paperweights are probably my favorite, but I also love those which depict flowers.

37) I believe gun ownership is a responsibility, not a right. Guns should be registered just like cars are, and those who use them should be licensed just like drivers are.

38) I will let a person with one or two items ahead of me if I have a lot of groceries. I've been known to pay the difference on a stranger's grocery bill if they're a little short.

39) I have never smoked, in large part because I've been allergic to cigarette smoke for as long as I can remember.

40) I don't drink alcohol due to alcoholism on both sides of my family, but I used to drink wine at church when I still attended.

41) Music is extremely important to me. If I had to give up my sight or my hearing, I would almost certainly keep the latter.

42) Someday I want a house on a heavily forested lot -- something like Calvin and Hobbes live in.

43) I am a lifelong insomniac. I also, if I don't watch myself, will avoid trying to sleep for as long as I can. I don't know where this comes from.

44) I will not be surprised if McCarthyism makes a roaring comeback with the current administration.

45) I really hate it when I know there's an exact word for what I want to convey but I just can't think of it.

46) I am prone to ferret shock, especially around jewelry and paperweights.

47) I despise people who call themselves hackers when they really mean crackers, and those who use the term hacker incorrectly when referring to crackers.

48) I believe there should be a flat tax with no loopholes. Withholding during the year should be the taxpayer's choice, so long as those who don't withhold pay when the time comes.

49) I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep. I can usually tell this is happening and compensate for it or remove myself from situations where I might overreact.

50) When evaluating cloth, I look as much for softness as I do for color.

51) I procrastinate a lot.

52) Gail grooms me at least once a day.

53) In my first post on LJ I expressed concern that I wouldn't post very often.

54) I used to have a decent singing voice. Someday I hope to take voice lessons again.

55) I used to write poetry, but with one or two exceptions I've written none since 1992. I would like to reverse this trend.

56) I hope someday to be a published writer, most likely with fantasy or sci-fi.

57) I do my crossword puzzles in pencil.

58) I didn't attend my senior prom. Despite what people told me then, I have no regrets.
59) I was both a Brownie and a Girl Scout, but I never made it to Cadet.

60) I like receiving flowers.

61) I like both giving and receiving gifts.

62) I like nice surprises.

63) I have all but two episodes of Animaniacs on VHS, and there's only one episode I haven't seen all the way through. If WB wants me to get rid of my collection, they can release A! on DVD.

64) Most of my favorite cartoons come from WB (Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Looney Tunes, Road Rovers, Tiny Toon Adventures), but I have a special fascination for Disney villains.

65) Several years ago, when taking flowers to yarnowl in preparation of asking her to be a bridesmaid at my wedding, I received a lot of compliments from flight attendants. A few years later I began bringing flowers on all flights I take and giving them out to flight crews, gate attendants, security folks, etc.

66) I'm less likely to take people seriously if their grammar and spelling are poor.

67) I really wish our language had gender-neutral third-person pronouns.

68) I've spent hours and even days playing around at

69) I really need to bookmark the Hubble Telescope site.

70) My favorite evil overlord advice is the one about making sure your average six-year-old can't find flaws in your plan.

71) I like hearing about cute things other peoples' pets do.

72) I do not wish to be immortal, and I have never had that particular desire.

73) I believe that copyright should be used for its original purpose of encouraging creativity, not for enriching the descendents of the creator.

74) I find it highly ironic that a company which owes much of its success to using public domain works is not allowing one of its own creations go into the public domain.

75) I am desperately hoping that at least some of the environmental damage done in the next two years will be possible to reverse.

76) I've liked all of the Harry Potter books so far and I hope the new one comes out soon.

77) When I was at college I made up for not having Thena with me by having her as a puppet for one of my Pern characters.

78) Andy and I had known each other for two years and had been going out for 11 months before we met in person.

79) My memories, save for a few fragments, don't really begin until the year I entered 7th grade.

80) I am terrible with names. I would forget my own if people didn't use it daily.

81) My mom dislikes my sense of humor since it reminds her of my dad's.

82) I met Andy's parents and uncle in person before I met him.

83) Waterfalls are one of my favorite aspects of nature.

84) I consider my maternal grandfather to be more of a dad to me than my biological father.

85) I never finished college, a point which I regret and hope someday to rectify.

86) I don't like abortion and I don't think I would have one, even if my life were at stake, but I will fight no abortion/no exception to the very end.

87) I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world.

88) I have always been fascinated by castles. Someday I hope to visit one, especially if it's for some form of LARP.

89) Once we have a house and some room, I plan to begin making my own clothes, and possibly Andy's as well.

90) Only one of my cars had a dragon name, and it was a combination of two of my MUSH dragons' names.

91) If the owner of offered to give it back to us (or sell it back for the cost of registration), I'd jump at the chance.

92) The ideal job for me would involve telecommuting and creative writing and/or copy-editing.

93) I want a firelizard.

94) Someday I want a house with at least one secret passage.

95) I believe the people who refuse to legalize marijuana for medical use should have to live with a wasting disease and see how strong their resolve is when the real pain hits.

96) I love nighttime thunderstorms with all of the lights turned out so I can watch the lightning.

97) Sitting in front of the fire cuddled with Andy is nice. It's also fun watching Thena and Gail sprawl out and be fireplace kitties.

98) I believe that enough food, clean water, shelter, education, and health care should be considered basic rights for everyone, and that nations which are sitting on food surpluses should actually use them to benefit the world's most poor.

99) I dislike capitalism because as far as I've seen, it has no mechanism in place to enforce responsibility (environmental, personal, social, or otherwise) and, in fact, rewards greed and unethical behavior.

100) I never outgrew teddy bears.

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