Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I got no news about Grandpa today, other than Mom promising she'd call me from Roswell if they go, and also letting me know that once upstate has dug itself out and she and Gerry have talked to him, she'll let me know what's up. I rather hope no more storms stomp through, since I'm supposed to be landing in Syracuse in six days.

Andy went out and got some books he needs for work, then headed to his office. I took a very uneventful, if cold, walk and saw Cornelius kitty-loafing on her railing. She barely even turned her head when I said "hi". Then Andy made a grocery run on his way home because I'd miscalculated some ingredients, and once he got home we ate dinner. Then we parked ourselves in front of the fireplace and watched the Disney villain show and Monsters Inc. It was a nice evening, even if Andy worked through most of it.
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