Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Babylon 5, to which my husband introduced me in its second season, has an episode called Severed Dreams. It is a good episode, but also somewhat odd in that somehow they crammed two-three episodes' worth of stuff into one. Many a time I've asked Andy whether an event happened before or after SD, only to find out that it also happened there. Today has been like that. I keep looking to see if I somehow skipped a journal entry.

First off, Pamela called UPS this morning. Though their normal policy is to attempt delivery once, they waived it. She went to pick up the box during her lunch and was so happy with the quilt that she finished her lunch break by calling me. Mom mentioned in an e-mail that Pamela was planning on taking pictures of it and sending them to her this evening. I think the timing couldn't have been better -- after the events of Dec 31st, Pamela needed something nice to happen.

Andy had lunch with Tanner today, then went directly to his office. I had a leisurely lunch of the same nationality, then went for my walk. On round 5 the UPS truck passed me, and since it was a driver I know, I waved. He in turn screeched to a halt and beeped at me, then handed me a package. I was also beeped at by Brook, one of the apartment managers, as she passed in her car. Other than that the walk was quiet, and also somewhere between a heavy mist and a very light sprinkle.

Back in September, when we were planning to do the Christmas Eve, Mom and I sort of agreed we should exchange our real gifts in the same trip. She asked me to get something for Andy and gave me a budget. It turned out that on ebay a copy of Kingdom Hearts, of which I've written copiously, and a special edition Monsters Inc fit nicely into the budget, even with shipping. I bid on both and won. Kingdom Hearts arrived very quickly but Monsters Inc, which I asked the seller to ship to Mom's, never arrived. The package today was another copy, plus a copy of Stuart Little 2 to make up for the wait. Anyone want a copy of Stuart Little 2?

Day #2, the one I'm currently in, started a few seconds after I got in from my walk. I posted earlier today about the results of the phone call which came just then. On the good side, USAir still has the really good rates which I used in August-December, except when I was cashing in frequent flier miles. We almost decided I should fly out on the 10th, but Mom called again. The bad news is that the nurse said she wouldn't even give Grandpa until his birthday. Also, next weekend was when Grandpa was supposed to go to Roswell for the surgery. Now we don't know whether he will or not.

We decided that Gerry will call the doctor tomorrow and make sure the nurse isn't pulling the same thing the ENT did a few months ago. Mom will also try to see if Grandpa still plans on going to Roswell, or if he's given up as the nurse suspects. Hopefully the fare for the 10th-13th will still be valid by the time they call me back, in case it turns out for the worst. At least I was visiting regularly for the past few months, so my showing up won't scare Grandpa or anything.
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