Cat (willowisp) wrote,

My mom just called. She got an e-mail from a nurse friend of Grandpa's, the one who took him to Roswell last year. She had been on vacation, but she said that he's declining rapidly. I don't know how she heard this, but according to her the cancer is eating away at Grandpa's neck bones, and his lungs are filled with fluid.

Mom hadn't told me this, but Grandpa told her the other day that he was no longer going to take chemo. We have no idea how much he knows, and the nurse is positive that Mary is in denial. Mom is hoping that since he's off of chemo he can now take codeine again, since it had helped him the last time his lungs were filled. Note that I'm relaying what she said; I'm not certain as to the medical feasibility of any of this.

Mom has asked the nurse for an estimate of whether Grandpa will make it to his birthday, Feb 7th. If she thinks he will, we all can use that as an excuse to visit. If not, then I guess I'll be going sooner rather than later. I'm going to have to watch how I do this; I want to see him before he dies rather than at his funeral, but I only have enough frequent flier miles for one trip, and that'll need to be for the funeral since it'll be on such short notice.

Mom has called before with news which sounds dire. It's pretty much sounded like he isn't going to make it. If that was the case, he'd already be dead two or three times over. I think I'll hold on to the hope that this is just another false alarm. I'm also glad he got the album finally; Mom says he stunned that some of those pictures existed and that he was very happy to see them.
I'm glad so many of my family members helped out with it; if I'd done it alone it would have had maybe a dozen pictures.
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