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Before I begin, this is a quick update to those who are following the saga from my technically-Dec-31st-but-showed-up-on-Jan-1st-due-to-our-ISP-losing-a-router post: Pamela called earlier today because Mom had told Dave what the package is and he decided that something needed to happen. Andy dug up the tracking number and suggested Pamela call UPS to ask them to hold the package at the local office. Unfortunately UPS was closed at the 800 number Pamela called, so unless she gets up at 5 or 6am to go with Tom's suggestion (get the local office before the trucks go out), they'll probably try to deliver it tomorrow. I did relay the advice I got from the comments, and maybe if UPS drivers have radios and Pamela calls early enough tomorrow, they might be able to make it so that only she can sign for the package and then re-route it to Dave's place.

I also gave the URL for one set of pictures, but forget to give two others. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are obligatory family photos and pictures from the visit with Sherry and Dave.

Today was relaxing. Andy went out and got Turbo Tax and is now regretting not doing so last year. He also picked up the Disney movie with the villains -- in the reviews I've read, most of the complainers were unhappy about how many and how long the classics interspersed among the new bits were. I have a feeling Andy and I will consider that a feature. I got all of the Christmas decorations put away neatly, which is a nice change from other years. I'm trying to decide what to do with the tree. It's too early to try to plant it outdoors, but currently it is utterly root-bound. I may try to re-pot it in one of the huge tubs I had for my hydrangeas. The tricky part will be keeping the kitties from using it as an everlasting snack machine.

It was warm enough today that I waited until the evening to take my first walk in a while (Bet you thought I was going to say "in the new year ;). It was very easy to get used to the elliptical trainer at Tom and Emily's. Sadly, to fit one in our apartment we'd need to get rid of most of our furniture. The walk was nice, though: Cornelius came out to chat and collect kitty tax on rounds one and three. She said to say "mew" in her mournful little voice.

Dinner was yummy chicken parmesan for Andy and unbreaded chicken with sauce and cheese for me. We had spaghetti made from corn flour on the side, with a hint of butter and garlic. Then, after dinner, we had a sparkling cider chaser with the little bit left over from last night. Add in plenty of feline foozling and it all comes out to a good day.
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