Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The drive to Sherry and Dave's was easy, between Tom and Dave's excellent directions. While there were a few times we wondered if we were ever going to find a turn, we never missed one or took a wrong one. It took four hours and twelve minutes with two stops.

It's so nice seeing Dave and Sherry again. She was in Andy's dorm for several years, and Dave attended Northwestern as well. She was there for him when I couldn't be (With some 800 miles between us, there were just some times when MUSH didn't cut it) through some rough times, so Dave and I gave them some alone time. While they chatted I played some more minesweeper then got up to game 39 in Free Cell. I know, it's not exactly inspiring, but it kept me from bursting in on them.

Andy and I talked a lot of The Two Towers on the way down -- he's read the books recently so was telling me how they differed in various places. I really need to read them again. I think I like the second movie better than the first. I can't say why, but I don't remember being so enthusiastic about going to watch The Fellowship of the Ring. I've already seen TTT twice in the past week and I would willingly go see it again.

Note to turnberryknkn: We didn't get to Leona's again. I'm beginning to wonder if there's some curse which has kept us from getting there the last few times we've visited Chicago and surrounding areas.
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