Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Tony got a bit lost coming here, but only a bit. Sara couldn't make it because she has a very bad sinus infection courtesy of Tony's mom by way of Tony. Anyway, we decided it was too late to watch LotR, so we headed for lunch and then to see TTT. We had to miss another family gathering, but seeing Tony was really important to Andy (especially now that Tony's in Vancouver), and we'd seen most of the people there when they all met here on the 26th.

When we got home they started playing video games. Tony had considered buying both Ico and Kingdom Hearts but had decided not to -- I believe that changed as of today. He also showed Andy a very silly game whose title I need to find out. We ordered out from a new pizza place which turned out to be mediocre, then they settled in to play some games which make me dizzy, so I played Free Cell. I've now played and beaten games 1-33. It's a start, at least.

Dave and Sherry got home today and Sherry sent e-mail saying the visit was still on from their end. We're waiting for a response to the reply I sent asking her to confirm or correct directions we got from Mapquest. The trip looks to be about four hours long, not counting any time which might be spent getting lost. Andy is planning tentatively on leaving in early afternoon. I hope everything falls into place so we can go visit.
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