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Andy had a meeting today, so I slept in. I was having a really odd dream which didn't want to let me go, though I should've written down the details when I got up. I've now forgotten all but one fragment. When he got home we decided to go out and run some errands. We struck out at two Lowe's, whereat we were trying to get a network jack to go in a phone plate. Andy had been unable to get the correct controller for his PS2 before Christmas, so he got one which would work, just not as well, and hoped to return it before Tony came over. The first store we visited was still out, but we found another which had them in. I also found a cute-looking Disney DVD which includes a bunch of Disney villains. We didn't get it because I wanted to make sure a couple of the voice actors were the originals, and I've since found that they are. Andy had made a snap decision to give it to me as an Xmas present, so now that it's confirmed we'll either pick it up tomorrow or when we get back to NC.

Today shifted from Jewel's parents caring for the kitties to Tanner and Janell. We know this because Tanner called and asked for directions to give to Janell. He can get to our apartment, just not describe how to. Anyway, Janell left the lights on, so even after our holiday lights go out we can see the two now. There are several toys now visible in Foo cam range (I almost had a heart attack when I first looked, because I thought the Power Puff beach ball was one of Andy's origami constructs), and Andy and I are trying to figure out which toys were used to play with kitties and which were used to play with Bram. I've seen both via Foo cam today, and as a onus Gail was being silly when I caught her. At least with the Foo cam around I'm not spending the whole time worried that something has gone wrong.

Tony and Sara will be visiting tomorrow. Andy is thinking that we might have to watch TTT first and then do LotR, depending upon how late it is when they get here. I rather hope we watch LotR first, but I'll go with either. Then they'll play PS2 games on the huge tv. Andy will probably show Tony FFX and Ico, and then they may play Tekken. Andy keeps reminding me of the kangaroo and the panda and the bowling mode. I doubt they'll play GTA unless everyone leaves, and since I've long since heard the whole Chatterbox reel, I'll be just as happy if that is the case. Finding food will be fun; Sara's vegetarian and I'm allergic to half the foods on the planet, or so it feels sometimes. It'll be fun, though. Tony and Sara are two really neat people (sometime I need to do a journal entry about their wedding, which was done as a Celtic circle ceremony with no officiant except for a group of friends) and Andy and Tony have been friends since second grade.

I still don't know if we're going to Dave and Sherry's -- we need to wait to hear back from them. They're supposed to get back late tonight from visiting relatives in Florida, and I imagine they'll answer my e-mail sometime tomorrow, or we'll call them. Sherry sounded very happy about the prospect in her last e-mail, so I hope it'll be ok on their end. I can't say why, but I have a very strong feeling that Andy needs to see them -- strong enough that I've offered to drive both ways. This is saying a lot since it's an unfamiliar car and I hate driving in ice and snow. Still, if it's as cathartic for him as I think it'll be, it will be worth it. Now all we need to do is wait for (or arrange) a miracle.
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