Cat (willowisp) wrote,

December 25th was nice. I had made Cinnabon clones the night before, all but the final rise. Emily got them out when she got up, and after they'd done the aforementioned rising, we put them in the oven. Unfortunately I put them on the top rack and the tops burned. They were still edible, and Owen and Emily both had two. I suspect Andy, Erin, and Tom finished their seconds this morning. Then we went out to see The Two Towers, which we enjoyed very much, and came home and had sour cream noodle bake which just needed to be put in the oven. Gift-wise, I got a drool-worthy set of cookware, Andy got a gift certificate to an art supply shop in NC which he frequents not only because they have neat stuff, but also because they're a small business. Together we got handmade cloth-covered baskets/boxes from Erin and Owen and some preserved butterflies in a clear box. Emily assured me that the woman who sells them buys them from butterfly farms after they've lived out their natural life cycle.

In the evening I nearly broke the bread machine by putting on the paddles backwards, and got dinner rolls ready for today, minus the final rise. I also made a potato dish Andy adores: Amy's potatoes. Both seemed to go over well today. All of Andy's maternal side of the family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, were here. Andy gave a scaled down talk about his dissertation which was well-received, though I'm happy to note that I'm not the only one whose eyes glazed over. Sometimes it's hard to imagine why someone so brilliant got stuck with me. There really weren't gifts exchanged except some randomly handed-out gag gifts from Bruce and Judy. I got a candle which Andy likes; he fared somewhat worse: a journal of his faith, complete with a pink cover and exercises such as writing a letter to God. I have a feeling that a 27 year-old guy was not the target audience.

After everyone left and we'd cleaned up, Erin mentioned that she'd been cornered and lectured on the joys of marriage. She and Owen have no plans marriage-wise, and we had an interesting discussion with regards to marriage and living together beforehand. I like Owen a lot; he's a neat guy. He's four years older than I am (so both Andy and Erin robbed the rocking chair) and a carpenter who majored in theater in college. He's from Barbados but a US citizen, and he met Erin at an orphan Thanksgiving.

Tony, the best man from our wedding, called several times, but due to a glitch in one of the phones, no one could hear him. Finally someone picked up a different phone, so he and Andy hooked up and began the arduous task of finding a day when both of them had some time. It looks like we'll be meeting on Saturday, watching LoTR on Tom and Emily's huge plasma screen, then heading out to see TTT again. We don't know what effect this will have on our mental states, but if I start posting in Quenya, you know why.

This also means we might get to visit our friends Sherry and Dave near Chicago. Sherry was one of my bridesmaids and Dave was our music-wizard-who-saved-the-day-multiple-times. It's a four hour drive, so we'd rather it be a two-day trip, and we go back on the 31st. Since we're meeting Tony on the 28th, we can swing down to Crystal Lake on the 29th and return on the 30th. Sherry is finally pregnant after several miscarriages, and it looks like this one will come to term. I'd like to see them at least once before the baby is born, since things change afterward. Not that we're having problems with Tanner, Janell, and Bram, but it is different now that Bram is in the picture. I think Andy also really could use some time with Sherry, who weathered a lot of things with him while he was at Northwestern. Sadly, turnberryknkn won't be able to make it short of a miracle, but hopefully we'll have time to see him somewhere down the road.

Both Andy and Erin can only stand so much noise and bustle before withdrawing and being unhappy. There was a bit too much going on for somewhat too long today for Andy. After I post this we'll be going to a nice dark quiet room and cuddling for a while. See me complain.
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