Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It was fairly quiet today, though people were coming and going for a while. I have a double batch of sour cream noodle bake in the refrigerator, blending its flavors. I also have a dozen Cinnabon clones in the refrigerator; tomorrow morning we'll pull them out, let them go for their second rise, then bake them. I wonder if this will become a tradition.

I'd been struggling to figure out something for Erin and Owen, and finally today I thought of something. They've moved to a new apartment, one which can use some home-ifying touches. So, they're getting a gift card to Home Depot. Sadly I thought of it too late to actually go out and get one, so we ordered it online and Andy is in the process of making an origami box in which to place a note telling them to be expecting it in the mail. I'm hoping Tom and Emily will like what we got them; for him I got a candy called Turkey Joints which are only made in Rome NY. For Emily I made the same sort of necklace I made for my mom, except that instead my family's birthstones I used birthstones of Andy's immediate folks.

On two very wonderful notes, a friend got engaged. He's one of the many permanent bachelors to end up finding themselves unable to say "no" when the question is popped, and Andy and I are very happy for him. Also, I phoned Mom to get the number for Grandpa in the hospital (the copy I had is sitting next to my computer in NC), and she wasn't home. I called Grandpa and Mary to see if she was keeping Mary company, and it was Grandpa who answered the phone. I was too happy to get the details, but h e's no longer in the hospital. He was too tired to do the traditional dinner (albeit scaled down) today, but they're planning on doing it on Sunday. I hope Mom lets me know his reaction when he gets the completed album. I'd asked her to give it to him in the hospital, but apparently a lot of his stuff walked last time, so she didn't. I hope he likes it.
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