Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy and I arrived safely in Indy, after two more blessedly uneventful flights. When it comes to airlines, I really like boring. Anyway, security has changed, as has the boarding process. It went really quickly and smoothly today, and they only asked for your id before the security checkpoint, not when you're wrestling with coats and carry-ons and trying to board. I got two and a half crosswords done between the two flights.

Emily made some really yummy soup tonight -- chicken, carrots, celery, wild rice, potato starch (in deference to my wheat allergy), and probably some other stuff. Andy asked her for the recipe and she'll be giving it to us at some point. I've also discovered that Popcorn Factory cheddar popcorn is disturbingly good. I always preferred butter-flavor, but the cheese popcorn is really hard to resist. Tom and Emily have an elliptical trainer, and I tried it out today. I wants it, my precious. Tom also has a huge wide-screen plasma tv, and he'd recommended that Andy bring his PS2 and some games. Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts looked very good. I can't wait to see Fantavision (a game where you make fireworks) and Ico on the big screen.

Mom hasn't e-mailed about Grandpa, but she also hasn't tried to call, so I'm figuring the news is neutral or better on that front. There's nothing much else to report -- it feels much later than it is so this will probably be an early night.
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