Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Commencement happened, and aside from finding out it still isn't official until December 31st, things went well. The day was sunny, with an occasional cloud blocking the sunlight, but nothing like the portentous thunderstorm (complete with a loud thunderclap when the Dean announced them graduated) which accompanied Andy's undergrad graduation. Only the PhDs received diplomas (actually certificates promising that they receive their diploma in March sometime) and had names called individually, and none of us can remember whether undergrads were called out by name for the Northwestern graduation.

After it was all over and we took some pictures (all of mine came out blurry, so we'll have to wait for his grandmother's) we headed off to see the second Harry Potter movie. Then we had a yummy dinner at Firebird's, came home and grabbed the Martinelli's, and went to the hotel. It met with unanimous approval. They go home tomorrow, so if Andy and I manage to get up in time we'll join them for breakfast. If not, we're flying out on Monday to see them for over a week.
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