Cat (willowisp) wrote,

My Friday stuff got done; the hammock is hung and filled with bears; I now have our porch lights on a cord approved for outdoor use and have the tree on the same timer as the porch; and Andy just said he doesn't recognize our place as the same apartment he woke up in. I think I can safely say it's been a productive day.

The laundry list (which includes almost everything except laundry) is as follows: my computer desk now has spaces where the desk can be seen, and the floor around it likewise shows signs of having a carpet. The area where we keep all of our photo albums had been in disarray, but now it isn't. The coffee table boasts the pretty designs Erin put on it when she made it for us. And the kitchen stove and counters are nice and clean, with all of the dishes put away. I'm glad I remembered to buy new sponges while we were at the hardware store; our current (now former) one had just about had it. Oh, and the cardboard boxes are in the cardboard recycling dumpster, all broken down.

I still need to clean the table a bit and clear out some garbage in the entry area. Everything has sort of gotten shoved there -- talk about the first impression it'd make after all of the work we did on the rest of the place. I'm actually somewhat surprised that I pulled off what I did. Andy and I are like The Odd Couple in that I'm the slob to his neat freak.

Oh, and the kitties got bathed. They are now incredibly soft but reek of the kitty shampoo. I wish the stuff didn't have such a strong scent. Gail managed to draw blood from both Andy and me. Next time we'll remember to cap her claws before the bath. Thena yowled and tried to get out (it's amazing how strong a kitty who is getting wet can be), but she wasn't nearly so loud as usual. Both kitties have already cuddled up to us, so hopefully there aren't any lingering hard feelings.

There's a blood drive tomorrow, and Andy and I are going to try to go. I only learned about it today while picking up dinner (pizza), and we're supposed to call in advance. I'll try to do so in the morning, and we'll hopefully be able to donate after he returns from lunch with Tanner. I was never allowed to give in college; I can't remember why, but it's about time to see if I can. If we miss this drive there'll be others, but I'm sort of hoping we can give so I don't keep chickening out. I also hope that if we can donate that it doesn't make me lightheaded, since we'll be meeting his family afterward.
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