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While Andy did his Friday stuff I wandered over to South Point. The trip was successful, as was the trip home. On the way we stopped at the grocery store and I stocked up at Martinelli's, Dr Pepper for Tanner, and Diet Vanilla Coke for Andy; all on sale. I also broke down and got a little live Christmas tree. I don't know how much will be left when we get up, but right now it looks very cute with ornaments and lights which we cannibalized from our fake trees.

Hair-wise: Aiiiiieeeeee! I'm a punk! What were my bangs look like a hedgehog, and an unkempt one at that. It's worse when there's a lot of static, so given the time of year it's going to be really interesting.

Most of tonight was spent tackling the spare room. A lot of stuff ended up being thrown away, so it wasn't just shifting junk around into neater piles of junk. It still could use a lot of work, but it'll do until we have a house. I arranged the Christmas bears especially for Andy's Grandma. The bears from the hammock are all sitting on the bed, but in a fairly ordered fashion. I didn't find either hook for re-hanging the hammock, so they may be there for a while.

Once the room was finished I watched Andy play some Kingdom Hearts and generally breeze through the part he was tackling. Hades is definitely the funniest Disney Villain in the game. Actually he's the funniest villain, full stop, because none of Square's villains have leaned toward the humorous side, at least in this game. Now it's bedtime, and tomorrow I get to do my Friday stuff and then tackle the computer area, kitchen, and living room. Oh, and bathe the kitties. I bet that's going to make us really popular in the furry quarters.
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