Cat (willowisp) wrote,

What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?

About a week.

Actually, it always looks weird when I leave the place; I'll decide if I'm horrified after I've taken a shower and let it dry naturally. I may've forgotten to list the haircut yesterday, but it was one of those things which I needed to get done today.

Andy and I got a late start, but it was for a very good cause, with much snuggling accomplished. I also got the boots I won and Andy's last present from UPS before we got going. While Andy used the Nordic Track I took my walk, and by the time I got home he was showered and ready to go. I took a shower of my own, then dropped him off at school and went to student health to refill some prescriptions. From there I went to Staples to send three packages: the clock I sold, a pre-paid merchandise return, and Grandpa's album (and a book for my sister). They've moved their UPS pickup time from 5:30 to 3:30, so they didn't technically go out today. Bugger.

After Staples I went to Wal-Mart since our kitties need food and Gail desperately needed a new scratching post or two. I also picked up random supplies and such, thus contributing to the wildly-varying-from-day-to-day holiday shopping season. I never got to South Point, but Andy is going to be a little busy on Friday, so his usual Friday stuff is happening tomorrow, conveniently close to the mall. My Friday stuff is happening on Wednesday, but he'll be with me for it.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, commencement is on Friday. That will be officially and un-take-back-ably the point where he'll be a doctor. Since he's a PhD he gets to wear a royal blue velvet poofy cap and a hood with royal blue velvet stripes, and he may have matching blue velvet stripes on the sleeves of his gown. The other alternative is black velvet, which would also be nice.

Andy's parents; his sister and her SO whom we've never met; and his paternal grandmother will be coming. Tom and Emily have already said we need to show Erin the apartment (she really should meet her two nieces, come to that), so hopefully at some point this week there'll be time to make various areas not look like one of the hurricanes of this season made a personal visit. Unfortunately we have a house's worth of "stuff" in a two-bedroom apartment which is on the small side. I'll no doubt post as progress is made or fails to happen. Oh, but I did get some Martinelli's to celebrate with on Friday (they will be assimilated), and we even have seven wine-type glasses which match to serve it in.
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