Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was mostly a second-day-in-a-row stay-at-home type of day. Gail nearly fell off the cabinet again but this time Andy caught her. I wonder if she had so much fun falling yesterday that she plans to make a habit of it. Thena really wishes I wouldn't look up game walkthroughs when she's sitting on my lap watching daddy play Sqaresoft/Disney collaborations. I am, for a few hours, completely caught up with dishes and laundry. Our one foray out was for Andy to pick up dinner and for me to grocery shop, and many things on my list happened to be on sale.

The clock auction ended today, and the closing bid ended up being more than the BIN I'd offered the woman who wrote to me several hours after the auction showed up in ebay search. I also finalized details for the blouse I mentioned a few days back.

Tomorrow's going to be busy. I need to pick up some medication; check some stuff out at Southpoint, hopefully before any major crowds hit; get more kitty food and some new scratching posts; ship the clock and my grandfather's album, which is finally finished and completely filled, with a few pictures left over; and at some point get a walk in and dinner made. And that's before Monday throws anything at me.
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