Cat (willowisp) wrote,

After feeding the kitties this morning I went back to bed, mostly in order to cuddle with Andy. The rest of the day was nice stay-at-home stuff. We finally got to watch the director's cut/extended edition of LotR; we'd been trying to do so since before we lost power last week. I am much happier with Galadriel's portrayal now.

Today was animal day on my walk. On round one Jackstraw (who is no longer such a small puppy) bounded up from behind and startled me slightly. His dad thought they had an agreement that he'd behave while off-leash, but the pooch had other ideas. It wasn't until we'd gone across the street that the owner nabbed him and drove off. On round two I saw Cornelius (and paid the obligatory kitty tax) as she accompanied her dad back from the mailbox. Near the very end of round three saw the return of Jackstraw, who followed me across the street and then began entertaining some people who were moving. On round five he was playing fetch with two boys, and near the end of round five his dad caught up with me and asked if I'd seen him. They were reunited by the time I walked by on round six.

Today was "foozle the kitties" day. Gail got so enthusiastic stretching this morning that she fell off the bathroom cabinet, though she is none the worse for wear. I didn't see it happen but Andy witnessed it and then came and told me, much to her chagrin. It's fun watching cats when they want to pretend they're acting perfectly normally. Thena spent lots of quality time on my lap during the movie, and got spot-cuddled throughout the day as well. Both kitties have been very eager to sleep on the bed since we got home. It used to be just Thena most of the time and Gail occasionally. I wonder how long this trend will last.
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