Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It was a rainy (water-type, and it's 46 now so I doubt it'll freeze) day. Hopefully it'll be clear tomorrow so I can get a walk in. The day itself was a bit fractured; Andy did his Friday chores today and left me at home to wrap his presents. There's only one still outstanding even if he guesses the whole lot of what I already have for him.

My usual Friday stuff will be happening on Wednesday again. Instead of having Chinese for lunch/dinner, Andy got some appetizers from a local sports-bar-type place and I made salads to go with. Then we went to Tanner and Janell's new place, which finally has power back, for dessert fondue. Bram is still cute and has an impish smile. He reminds me of a male Janelle (my first ever Pern char, not Janell-Bram's-mom) in that respect.

My day was made more surreal by ebay. When I last visited Rome I found a skirt I'd looked at wistfully each trip home on sale and got it. Yesterday for fun I looked through ebay for something really nice to go with it, and found something which both Andy and I like. He was worried that it was too big, and in the time it took to decide to send her e-mail, someone used buy it now to win the thing. I noticed she'd auctioned the same thing several times, so on a hunch I e-mailed her anyway, and the end result is that she agreed it would be too large, but has one in my size. I believe she'll be putting it up as a BIN for me, but she has yet to e-mail me with the details.

While this was happening, my own auction was brewing up a storm. A person e-mailed and asked if I would sell it to her off of ebay, and I replied that I couldn't, but if she really needed it quickly (it ends on Sunday) I could end the current one and put it up as a BIN locked to her. It was 14:45 when this started, and the post office closes at 17:30 sharp. After exchanging e-mails for about half hour I set a BIN price, but she wanted it lower. Andy was still out running errands and I expected him home no earlier than 16:30. Given traffic and post office lines in the afternoon even when it's not a holiday season, I at least wanted the average amount the clock was selling for. We eventually decided she'd just wait it out. Her last e-mail came at 17:15 and asked if the clock had a feature which I mentioned in passing in the listing. Oh well. She's been outbid, but whether I'll get the average or not remains to be seen.
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