Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday we made up for one of the chores we missed Friday, then ran a few other errands. Andy got his robe and was happy to see that the velvet-like part is sewn on rather than an integral part thereof. This means that if we can find a good match for his blue (real) velvet poofy hat, his mom might be able to sew pretty real velvet into his robe. I also finally got our annual Swarovsky ornament and decorated the mantle -- flanked by the austerely beautiful snowflakes are three (wait for it) Pinky and the Brain ornaments. GNO occurred, I didn't curse the team I liked better in Junkyard Wars, and I cleaned up the pizza boxes well within a week.

Today Andy went out to lunch, then had a meeting with his (former) advisor. While he met I walked, and when I got home it was to talk to a husband with a job. He was officially hired today, and will start sometime in January. Actually, I misspeak myself -- he'll start working on Siggraph stuff now so he can do it in his own time and not do a week of all-nighters as has been his wont in the past.

Other than that and various commentating in friends' journals, not much has been going on. I think I finally have the Christmas lights re-synced.
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