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Before the ice storm I'd gone in to talk to the apartment manager about going back on a lease (we'd been month-to-month for a while). She said she'd send a copy of the lease over and not to pay rent until it came, since it would be a different amount ($130. less, to be precise). Anyway, the ice storm hit, no one had power, and Andy and I had to leave for Rome before it came back. Rent is late on the 6th, and the complex has some unfun procedures, like charging a late fee and requiring payment by money order. We were going to go over and talk to Lana today, but she beat us to it with a phone call. She'd totally spaced the lease chat (I don't blame her, given everything else she had to deal with), and quickly typed one up and brought it over. Aside from discovering that our new rent is so much less than it was on month-to-month, she also let us pay the exact amount by check, for which I'm very grateful.

Today Andy had a doctor's appointment, so we went and tried the Arthur Treacher's nearby. It's part of a sub place which also includes Nathan's hot dogs. It was quite good, but not quite as good as the Arthur Treacher's in Utica/New Hartford, which is a standalone only trying to be one food place. Still, we'll probably go back there, if not regularly. Most of the traffic lights are back up, but there are quite a few on campus which aren't. It's somewhat jarring whenever I reach one which isn't. Luckily people seem to be playing nice with regards to right-of-way.

Once I dropped Andy off I went and grocery shopped. We decided to only get what we needed for the next day or three in case we lose power again. My one exception was getting some firewood, which I figure we'd want around if we lost power. When we got home we found a UPS box from Andy's dad -- kindling. The timing is perfect, especially if we get the storm. I took almost everything (even condiments and such) out of the refrigerator and freezer, and now they really look bare and roomy. I left only the water in the refrigerator and the pulped pumpkin in the freezer. I'll make a pie from the pumpkin soonish, and if it's no good I'll get rid of the rest of the pumpkin mix. If it's ok I'll keep the others, because Andy can tell the difference between pumpkins I render myself and canned mix, and I don't think I could find any more pumpkins this late in the year.

I also took care of Jewel, the sometime orphan kitty, today. She's an orphan until Thursday, so I'll be visiting her tomorrow. Her parents have been gone fairly long this time (they actually left on the 7th. Jewel's mom looked in on Thena and Gail on the 6th for us, and brought over an extra kitty bed so they might stay warmer), and she's even more desperate for affection than she is to play. Not that she didn't start hopping when I pulled out her feather toy, but she also didn't lead me over to the closet first thing -- she asked for scritches first.

While I was playing with Jewel Andy did some major cleaning. It was such a nice surprise to come in and see the place looking so much like I should have left it in the first place. I cleaned off the table, which was a disaster area, while I was making dinner, and got my exercise by removing every single thing individually and putting it in its place. Hopefully tonight after I load the dishwasher the kitchen will almost look as if I caught up after Thanksgiving.

I got good news on several shipping fronts today. Wolf got my e-mail in time to re-address the photos, so they'll be coming here. I'll quickly arrange the album and mail it to Mom, along with the Looney Tunes stereogram book I got for Pamela on Mom's behalf and forgot to bring with me last week. The boots I won on ebay shipped today, as did two of the things I ordered to make up for all of the Christmas presents I'd planned to give to Andy until he went and bought them anyway. I think I'll tell him tomorrow that he's not allowed to shop for himself until after we unwrap our gifts to each other.

Last but not least, I did some work on my memories entry. I added some ten or twelve quizzes I've taken since the last update and also reformatted the prior entries. Now instead of a summary of the results I've given the text of the result, and my comments should be very clearly separate from the result.
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