Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Day Four

I did manage to get a walk in after I made my journal entry last night, and even walked for an hour, doing six circuits of my apartment complex. My blood sugar was fairly reasonable afterward.

Today I got up, waited until 10 and fed the kitties, and then goofed off. Andy popped on for as long as his network behaved, and then I decided to call and find when my diabetes appointment was tomorrow. It was a good thing I did, because it turned out that it was actually today. Oopsie. And I'd eaten lunch such that the reading was going to occur an hour afterward, which is when the blood sugar is highest. I left early for the appointment and did a couple of laps around the building before checking in. I planned on giving myself fifteen minutes to let my pulse rate and such go down, not to mention my blood sugar, which spikes during exercise. The nurse called me in fifteen minutes early, just my luck. I'm not sure why, since after the check in (pulse 96, blood pressure a bit high at 120/80, blood sugar which I thought was going to get me yelled at) I probably waited for at least fifteen minutes while Dr Vimmerstedt finished up with the patient before me.

I thought I was in for it because she's said my target for blood sugar levels was 100, and I've been running at 150 or so. Instead she said that it's no big deal, and that leveling down to 100 would help more in the long term. No yelling, and no appointment for three months. I'll see how the results of blood test come out before I celebrate, though. Sometimes I think the medical profression is a front for a group of vampires. Oh, and for the first time I saw someone who was illegally parked in the measley ten spaces reserved for student health being towed. It was heartwarming.

When I got home I began setting a gift for a friend -- since she may read this, I won't say any more, except that 2mm accent stones are a pain. Anyway, Andy sometimes gets unhappy if I spend time while he's home working on jewelry, so this was the perfect time. Oddly enough, though it's been giving me tons of trouble over the past few weeks, I managed to set half of the stones in a few hours, wherein I was lucky to set one on any given day since I started the project.

Andy called while there were still two stones left to go. He had a really good day. It was busy, but at least what he was doing wasn't potentially going to effect his future, so there was no pressure in the busy-ness. He went to a workshop run by NVIDIA. Everyone got a workbook, and were told to turn to a certain page. Andy's had a hand-written note on it, which meant he won a really nice hardcover book. The best part was that as he skimmed it, he saw some familiar stuff -- some of his papers were cited as source material. How's that for making an impression on potential employers... being cited in their research? As I type this sentence, it is 45 hours and 53 minutes until his plane touches down, at least in theory. Not that I'm counting or anything.

My walk today was six circuits and about an hour, give or take a few minutes. I thought I saw a firefly in the very beginning, but it was really pale (only faintly yellowish, mostly white), it only appeared once, and I saw no others on the whole walk. I'm wondering if I saw one out a bit later and weaker than is seasonal, or whether maybe I just caught some dew on the grass in the perfect light to form an optical illusion. I did see a few crickets, a shiny little frog (I thought it was a large cricket or grasshopper at first), numerous moths, and two guys having a lot of trouble, albeit in a good-natured way, changing a flat tire. I got back just in time to feed the kitties, though they think I was inexcusably late.

I'm hoping Andy calls again tonight, and I may have enough dishes to run a load since I finished the last of one of the dinners I made for myself. Tomorrow I finish the other one, and by the time Andy gets home there'll be no trace of saur kraut remaining. I just hope his plane gets in somewhere vaguely approaching on time so we aren't eating dinner at 1am or something. Unfortunately he's flying Delta (fortunately, the flight was all but free because Delta is...), the airline which took 18 hours, 4 (or was it 5?) airports, and two and a half airlines to finally get us to RDU from IND.

Oh, and we had some rain today. I'm not sure how much because it was in progress as I left the student health. It was the gentle kind which actually does some good, but once I started driving home it lasted for maybe five minutes. I hope it was raining all during the appointment. There was also a UPS package waiting on the porch, and contained therein are 100 square-type boxes as one might put jewelry in. Looking at the progress of my auctions I have to wonder if I will use even half of them in the rest of my lifetime: no bids yet, and the necklace and bracelet set have only been looked at some six or seven times since the auction started on Sunday. Maybe I'll get a last-minute bid as happened with the opals -- if so, at least I have some nice boxes to send the set in!
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