Cat (willowisp) wrote,

So, after warning everyone that we might be off for a while and so on, we came home to a nice cozy and lit apartment. The Christmas lights were amusing; they came on at about 22:50, when they're usually supposed to be going off at 23:00. I manually tweaked all of the timers ten minutes later, so hopefully tomorrow they'll come on vaguely around 18:00. I'm a little depressed; I think possibly because I usually leave the apartment looking at least as if someone attempted to clean it, and therefore we usually come home to something resembling a clean apartment. This time it was a mess, with unwashed dishes (no hot water when we left) and stuff out of place. I've already gotten the dishes going and as long as we keep our electricity (Duke may still turn it off if they need to fiddle with lines) hopefully I can get the other things cleared up.

According to Mom, who works with the father of a former classmate who lives in Charlotte, her co-worker was told by his daughter that they're predicting another ice storm this week. I don't know if it's just for the Charlotte area or here, but we're going to pick up some pieces of the multitude of broken trees (sniffle) just in case. I might also buy a few bundles of firewood from Harris Teeter or Whole Foods so that we have some all-around dry wood which will get a fire hot enough to burn recently-encased-in-ice wood.

We saw the neatest things tonight while coming home from the airport. They're doing major construction on I-40, and on one of the truck there were two things. They looked like a cross between a standard round mylar balloon lying horizontally and a stovetop Jiffy Pop bag thingy after the popcorn is done. They were light brown on top and white on bottom, and they were bouncing all over the place -- I'm not sure if it was the wind or if they were moving of their own volition.

It was so nice to see the kitties again. Gail was her usual scamp(er)ish self, and Thena let me foozle her. Oh, and speaking of kitties: I managed to go the whole four days without being beaten up by Noia, and then I forgot the flowers so we needed to go back to the house. While I was there, Noia did not get a swat in, so I now have a four-day record of not being whapped by a mean, Gail-impostor kitty. Anyway, we owe the kitties some serious petting and I should try to get some sleep in hopes that part of my being down is due to exhaustion.
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