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We got up today when Gerry and Julie brought over CJ to be babysat. He was in his Moose Suit, so I got some pictures. He was smiley and giggly for much of the time -- luckily there was enough crying that any biological clock fu which might have gotten me stayed nicely repressed. They were a bit late in getting back, but I think Mom was just as happy to have CJ for the extra bit. Her grandmother clock is on track as far as I can tell, and between Pamela and me all she has right now are two grandkitties and two grandlizards (plus any crickets not yet devoured by the latter). At least Mom changes diapers -- Julie's sister-in-law offered to babysit only if she didn't have to do diaper duty. Some offer.

Andy was still feeling a bit off (he's still not sure if it's an earache or just something to do with having slept wrong), so he didn't want to go near Grandpa. He stayed home while we picked Grandpa up from Stu's (Stu went to Boonville to bring Grandpa and Mary to his place in Rome) and took him to Gerry's house. Many cashews, pistachios, and a slice of peach pie later we took him back to Stu's. I helped him walk in all the stages of the journey. He is so sharding light -- I felt like I was holding up a feather pillow instead of a person. It was one thing hearing him tell me what his weight is (holding steady at 160, 20 pounds fewer than they want him to be), but completely different to feel what it meant. I just hope he doesn't lose as much as he did last time when they start his chemo again on Wednesday.

After a quick stop home to pick up Andy (and for me to discover that I had won a pair of the Steve Madden boots I was pining over since my last visit to Rome) we went to see a concert performed in by Julie. It wasn't the Utica Symphony as I had thought, but a smaller group picked I know not how. Julie was one of two cellists. The music was interesting -- Mozart's "Coronation" Mass (K. 317) followed by a suite of traditional Christmas carols -- except that I'd only heard of about half of them. They were all religious carols, though. The male soloists were fine, but neither Mom nor I liked the females. They were what I call "operatic singers", and there's no real definition for their voices. An example, though, is Carlotta (operatic) versus Christine (choral) in Webber's treatment of Phantom of the Opera. An example of what I consider a choral alto would be Eponine in Les Miserables by Shoenburg and <mumble>.

After the concert we picked up some dinner from the little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place in Rome which I adore so much. We also stopped at the grocery store, where I picked up some flowers and a proper brush/ice scraper for our car. I won't mind a bit if the purchase guarantees we get no more snow or ice this winter. Anyway, the food was excellent as usual, as was the Martinelli's which Mom had bought just so she could try this stuff Andy and I had raved so much about. She approved. We get to eat leftovers for lunch tomorrow... yum.

We watched the annual Charlie Brown Christmas, then I sort of half-watched a second Peanuts special which, as far as I can tell, was post-Schultz. I will make an effort never to watch it again; what parts I saw were just somehow annoying. Andy went to bed early while I did some random administrivia. The pictures I ordered from Wolf haven't yet, that I can tell, shipped, so I e-mailed them and asked them to send it to my NC address. I had so wanted to leave the album in Rome this time finally, but those 74 pictures are all really important. I just hope they don't have some red tape and send it to Mom, which will take several days and cost even more than I've already spent (not that I begrudge the money; this is for Grandpa, after all) to get it to me in NC. I wonder if they didn't ship yet because they're in Fran on Ice territory.

"Fran on Ice" is what they're calling the snow storm; Fran is a reference to a hurricane which tore up the area before Andy and I moved there. We are still without power and have lost our phone again. Duke Power estimates that they'll have 90% of the power restored by Wednesday night. Oddly enough, Ben and Conni have power, as do Tanner and Janell. Ben and Conni do because their town is covered by a power provider other than Duke. Tanner and Janell do in a convoluted sort of way: they don't at their new house, but there is power at their old house, which hasn't sold yet, so they've moved back to it. Anyway, unless I post tomorrow, this might be my last post until Wednesday (Andy and I are mostly preparing for the worst and hoping for the best). Any which way, see y'all on the flip side.
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