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There was a slight mixup today which was more amusing than annoying. Mom thought Pamela and Dave were coming over and the four of us would go visit Grandpa and Mary. Pamela and Dave didn't know about the second part, and decided to come fairly late. We finally left for Grandpa's and, while there, called Mom's just in case Pamela and Dave were there -- we were worried they'd been in an accident. Anyway, they were there, and furthermore they'd found a note Mom had left for me in the morning -- saying she was out visiting a craft fair and would be home soon. They'd been waiting for a while.

Grandpa gets tired easily, so we didn't visit for much longer. While we were there we gave him the fruitcake I mentioned about two weeks ago when I last visited Rome. It's from Harry and David and is called a fruitcake confection. It's cherries, pineapples, and walnuts held together by something sweet and sticky (probably fruit juice and sugar) and its own gravity well. I figured they could not possibly hide eggs or flour in it and I had a piece, but later determined that I was wrong. However, the best news was that Grandpa ate the whole piece I gave him. Well, one pineapple chunk and walnut shy of a whole piece, but he still got some food into him. His weight's holding steady at 160. The Roswell Cancer Center also confirmed what his other doctor had said: stage four, incurable, but chemo could bring on remission and buy him some time. They also may do surgery on his neck (if you've seen the pictures of him, there's a continual piece of gauze bandage there) and do a skin graft to heal the thing once and for all.

We got home and Dave and Pamela were mostly getting ready to leave, but we got to see them. I also got pictures of them all dressed up for a Christmas party. After they left we headed out for Arthur Treacher's. We'd tried to bring Andy once, but it was closed (we seem to have that kind of luck with the place). He really liked it -- so much so that he asked if we could bring one home. Mom and I thought he meant another order of fish and chips, until he mentioned how hard it would be to fit the restaurant in our carry-ons. It looks like we might have to look into the sub shop in Chapel Hill which claims to have Arthur Treacher's of some sort.

Afterward we went to Sangertown, which is a smallish mall. It's actually small enough that I rarely get mall phobia there, and it was quite a shock when I moved to NJ and visited a "small" mall which would have fit one whole Sangertown neatly onto any one of its floors. Anyway, the JC Penney there had exactly two of the skirts I'd been looking at for $15.00 off. Better yet, it fit. I also found Pamela's Pooh shirt, though this one as well only had small. I tried it on and it fit me a bit tightly, but she's far thinner than I am, so it might work for her. I think I'll first take it home and see if I can exchange it for a larger size at Southpoint, then possibly take Hel's suggestion from yesterday regarding catalog orders. I do wish Kanga and Roo were easier to find, though.

Afterward we decided to look at Christmas lights/decorations. We saw several very pretty houses (including one with icicle lights in shades of blue which had me drooling), but there seemed to be a lot of non-decorated houses. I haven't noticed it as much in Chapel Hill since our apartment complex has never had much by way of decorated apartments, but it was very obvious here. I wonder if it's a nationwide trend or if it's just Rome.

As far as we can tell we don't have electricity back at home yet, but Ben and Conni do, and they're also looking in on Thena and Gail for us. Andy and I are guessing that since they didn't call, the kitties were fine. Duke Power's site currently estimates it will have most of the power back by Wednesday. They have reports posted every few hours on the website, and Andy says they're making steady progress in Chapel Hill. They already have power restored to two cities completely. Their crews are working sixteen hour shifts -- poor people. Andy says he's almost hoping we run into them working at our place so we can give them some cocoa.

Tomorrow morning, quite possibly before we're up, Mom will be watching CJ. Afterward I'm not sure what'll happen, except that she and I will probably visit Grandpa again. Andy either slept wrong, otherwise strained something in his neck, or is coming down with an ear infection, so he's already said he shouldn't visit. I think Grandpa will miss him, but he'll understand. At least he got to see him today, and Grandpa was really happy -- he very obviously likes both Pamela's current Dave and my one and only Andy.
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