Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yay, electricity

So for the first time in two days Andy and I can see well enough to read after dark and can dress in fewer than four layers of clothes plus several blankets (we loved our afghan from esmerel before, but now we really love it. Of course, we're not enjoying electricity in Chapel Hill -- we went all the way to upstate NY to bask in the heat and light. Well, that and we'd been planning on doing so from Dec 6th-9th, and here we are.

The plane rides were utterly routine, and the one from Philadelphia to Syracuse was empty enough that Andy and I both got window seats. After touching down we went to the mall where my sister works and said hi. She even had a few minutes to talk with us. I also showed Andy the pretty shiny paperweight rock I liked so much, as well as a live version of the rose paperweight whose auction I linked to in an earlier journal entry. We introduced Mom to Cold Stone, then said goodbye to Pamela and headed to Rome.

While at Carousel we found a perfect gift for Pamela, at JC Penney. It's a Pooh shirt which has the usual suspects plus Kanga and Roo. Those two are Pamela's favorites, and they rarely show up on Pooh merchandise. The only catch -- all they had was size small, and Pamela is taller than I am. I also saw a really neat black skirt, but we decided to check the Rome branch to see if they had the shirt in a larger size. THey didn't have the shirt or the skirt. I'm thinking that if we can't find it in large I could buy the small, cut out the embroidered part, and put it on a large shirt or something. We may check out another branch first, though. And we can always go to Carousel for the skirt on the way out of town if we wash out in Utica.

I'm somewhat worried about leaving the cats alone. We left enough food and water, and blankets for them to curl up on, but it was bloody cold in the apartment yesterday and the first part of today. Andy has pointed out that kitties in the wild deal with much colder temperatures, and ours are at least sheltered. Also, Noia got outside on a sub-zero day, was out for some eight hours, and is more or less fine. Even if we remain without electricity for several days, the apartment probably won't get much lower than the mid-50s. Now if my intellectual side could just convince the worrier in me, all would be well.

Andy called our number today and actually got a ring. We didn't have a phone at all, just dead silence, for the past two days. People trying to call us got fast busies, so the fact that it rang means that at least some things have been restored. If there's no electricity when we get back we've considered tossing the kitties and some clothes in the car and heading to visit his parents in Indiana. I rather hope the electricity is back before we are, though, if for no other reason than for Thena and Gail's sakes.

It's been a long day, and Andy and I didn't sleep well last night. We're going to try to make up for lost time tonight, then both take very long hot showers tomorrow.
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