Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Not much has been happening in the past few days, at least up until today. Two days ago was thoroughly routine as was yesterday.

I am currently frustrated and infuriated by some spam I'm getting. Just for background, when goldenlily and I inherited the ATWL (a resource for people who play on Pern-themed MUDs), it included a free guestbook setup from Dreambook. In the past two days some slime has repeatedly posted entries in the guestbook with links toward rape porn sites. I've removed them as they come in, but since the scum is very prolific, there've been a couple of times when that filth has stayed in the guestbook for hours. I finally turned the thing private, so when people who actually use the ATWL post I'll have to go and set the message public. Unfortunately Hel and I are still getting e-mail every time this <your Earth language has no word for the epithet which this thing deserves> posts another entry. I may end up having to remove the guestbook if this doesn't stop soon, and I really don't want to since it was part of the site when we took over.

That aside, things are ok. Today we did some of our Friday errands since we'll be on a plane during the usual time. When we left the freezing rain was already beginning. It had turned to pretty poofy snow by the time we got done, and since we were close to South Point we headed to Firebird's for lunch. When we left it had switched to sleet. The ride home was interesting and slow, and I was very happy that it was slow. We stopped at the grocery store and got some tomato puree, garlic, and other spaghetti ingredients in case it's too slippery tomorrow to have GNO. I may finally end up using the camp stove we got for hurricanes and Y2K -- they're expecting up to an inch and a half of ice, which is enough to take out power lines.

The decorations I hung on Thanksgiving were a garland with green and white lights on our outdoor railing plus the ubiquitous icicle lights in both bedroom windows and in the windows over the computers. Yesterday Andy said wistfully that he wished we had some multi-colored lights. I can't remember what year we put them up (it was at the very latest December of 1999), but I found them plus the colored lights I've used other years. We now have green lights and icicles in our bedroom, blue lights and icicles in the guest bedroom, and multi-colored lights to go with the icicles in the sun room.

We watched Shrek tonight, since we started too late to do the uncut LotR. The movie is very funny and I love the way they turn normal fairy tales upside-down, but I still have mixed feelings. I can identify with Fiona-at-night, but Andy is nothing even remotely approaching an ogre. I wish I were Fiona-by-day, even if it was only half of the time.

We'll probably watch a make-up LotR tomorrow (if we have electricity). I'm also fairly annoyed with myself because I was so close to getting Grandpa's album and the family CD done, and it now looks like the latter will be short-changed. There are 13 pictures which, for some reason or other, never got scanned in. I was planning on doing it Thursday, but with the way the ice is accumulating outside, we may very well be staying home tomorrow. The pictures include some of the best -- Uncle Rich in his lit-up Santa hat (and smiling, unlike the digital copy I have), Grandpa water-skiing, and great pictures of my cousins, their SOs/children, and CJ. Sure, there are so many that maybe no one would notice, but I'll know.

On the good side, the trees are really beautiful tomorrow. If we have sunlight tomorrow they'll be stunning -- I plan to take pictures. I also did get some last-minute album additions from Pamela here and from Uncle Rich starting here. Both sets are pictures from Christmas Eve, and Pamela also included some pictures from Thanksgiving, which Uncle Rich and co spent in Rome with Grandpa.

I just heard the UPS click several times. This is probably a good time to finish up, hopefully getting this post in before we lose power. If I'm not around tomorrow, it's probably due to the storms which hit from Texas to Virginia.
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