Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mmmmmm, brunch at the Carolina Inn. It was everything we remembered and more. It's been over a year since we ate there together (Andy went once with some people visiting UNC), mostly because my diabetes was diagnosed in January, and then by the time we had a handle on that I found out about my egg and wheat allergies. We had to go this weekend, though -- for Christmas last year my Mom gave us a gift certificate to the Carolina Crossroads, and it was due to expire the day before our next free Sunday. We only have one weekend between now and January which isn't spoken for. Anyway, the food was excellent, the service is quite possibly the best we've ever had, and neither of us overate.

I almost talked myself out of my walk tonight, but in the end I did it, albeit later than I had wanted to. I wore not only my standard t-shirt and sweatshirt, but also a fleece jacket Andy's parents gave me. Once or twice I thought I might be ready to take the jacket off, but I ended up not doing so. I also wore gloves and one of those headbands which seem to have replaced ear muffs. I won't be absolutely certain until I torture test them later this week in an upstate NY winter, but they seemed to work fairly well.

I got the last of the really old pictures scanned today, and Andy put them into the gallery. Those interested can see all of the pictures here. The new lot start on page 11, for those who just want to start where I left off the other day. I have about a dozen more pictures to scan, all of those I received while in Rome in October. I got a few more October pictures from Uncle Rich, and I'm hoping my sister will get some to me. Then I just need to place the order with Wolf, have them ship to Rome, and put the album together there. This time I'm leaving it with Grandpa if I can help it at all. After that's done I get to figure out how the heck to index the CDs. Andy says it can be done via HTML; if so, I should be able to handle it codewise, just leaving the artistic/informative part.
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