Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Day 3

It hit today -- I'd rather been hoping it wouldn't, and now I'm trying to second-guess myself as to whether I made myself miserable or not. At any rate, I promised to try to keep whining to a minimum, so I'll get on with other stuff.

Since the two projects which I thought would occupy the whole week and then some got done in the first two days, today I just did some straightening up which has needed to be done for a while. I also got some long overdue MUSH stuff done.

Andy talked to NVIDIA people today and was asked to send in an e-mail resume to accompany the dead tree versions he handed to them. The person from Pixar was a bit more frazzled. He doesn't think there's anything open in the rendering group, but he said it's so large that there is some turnover. He asked Andy to e-mail his resume and remind him who he was and what they discussed. Andy also met up with the person who was his grandboss when he interned at SGI and chatted with her -- all in all a productive, if exhausting, day for him.

We had a lot of impressive thunder, some lightning, and a few hundred drops of rain today. I think I wouldn't mind these second-long mini-showers so much if there wasn't all of the fanfare beforehand. Heck, Thena's still under the bed, and the thunder gave up hours ago. At least things are cooled down some - maybe I'll even take that walk I've managed to avoid taking at all this week.

That's about all for now. I'll post any updates I may get from Andy, and in lieu of those, I'll probably write something tomorrow.
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