Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Since we'll be otherwise occupied on Thursday, Tanner suggested that Andy meet him for lunch today. Then he forgot and made a lunch date with Janell. They're going to try it again tomorrow, and Andy's already said Tanner is paying since he stood Andy up ;).

While Andy was eating all by himself I tried to convince myself that I needed to be awake, and I was mostly successful. I had to go see Dr. Vimmerstedt after Andy got home. She determined that my cough is not contagious and did two tests (actually the same test twice, before and after I used an inhaler) to determine that I have a very mild case of asthma. For those who are medically inclined, my air flow test before was 390 (it's supposed to be closer to 500) and about ten minutes after was 440. She's given me two inhalers; one for emergencies and another to use twice daily. It'll take the second a few days to kick in, but she's hoping it'll take the edge off of my cough, if not get rid of it completely.

I also ordered a fruitcake for Grandpa. Andy, Mom, Pamela and I have gotten one he particularly likes (for the overly curious, Harry and David's fruitcake confection) for him for several years running. Because I hadn't planned on getting H&D stuff for anyone this year I had completely spaced ordering the fruitcake, and since he's not in Florida I needed to get his address. Mom beat me to it by saying Grandpa had asked us not to get one this year because he's still having appetite problems. On Monday he called Mom and said he'd changed his mind if we were still willing to send it. For the record, Andy said "Heck, we'd send him two if he wanted them". I love my husband.

When Grandpa called Mom on Monday she wasn't there, so he left a message. Grandma Shad came over to visit on Monday (she'll be gone when Andy and I are next in Rome, sniffle), and while she was there Grandpa called to see if maybe Mom had stayed home from work. We chatted briefly, and at one point he said "I hope you consider me the father to replace the one you don't really have". I emphatically agreed -- I wish I'd told him that a long time ago. It's a good thing Mom got his message a little later and he told her to order the fruitcake or I would have been worrying that he was trying to say a final goodbye or something. Andy opined that perhaps he's just making sure he says everything he's wanted to, and I'm inclined to agree.

Tomorrow's going to be busy. I need to get back to Student Health at some point to get an extra part for my inhaler which was strongly recommended by tyee, though that may wait until after Turkey Day. Tomorrow I'll be getting as much stuff pre-done as possible so that Thursday won't be as stressful as it can be.
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