Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today was somewhat of a blur. Grandpa called while Dave, Mom, and Pamela were at the Christening to let us know that he'd probably be too tired to attend the festivities thereafter. He called to confirm as much just after they got home. After talking to Andy a bit and catching up on my Free Cell (blame Dave for leaving a game half-played where I could find it), I showered and dressed and we went up to Gerry and Julie's.

The fact that I wasn't part of the event was explained (much as I'd suspected) by their complete surprise when I walked in. CJ is getting huge, and he was a big baby to start with. He was born on Sept 3rd, and he's about to outgrow the 6 month baby clothes. There were a lot more people there than expected; it's a good thing Grandpa didn't come. In fact, the other grandfather spent the whole time sleeping in the living room. On the way in we bumped into Pamela's high school orchestra teacher and Mary (Grandpa's wife), both on their way out. While there Gerry asked the inevitable question about Andy's job search. When I told him NVidia was waiting to see who else applied, he asked "What are they looking for, God?"

We went up to visit Grandpa after we escaped from the party. As with last night I wore the mask while hugging him, but not once I sat far away from him. He was much weaker today, though he had eaten some of the donuts we left. Mom and Gerry talked about the situation at the party; they really think Grandpa needs to eat and walk a lot more than he's doing, and are taking the tack of trying to give him things to live for. Gerry is even thinking of giving him his Christmas present (a beautiful album of CJ-pictures) early. I just wish I could get a solid sense of how he actually is -- it seems as if every other day he makes an 180 degree turn.

Last time I was here Gerry mentioned that they'd been looking through some old pictures and found a bunch which might work in my album. He gave them to me at the party, and after we got home I looked through them with Mom. There are tons of wonderful pictures, including several of Grandma in her Navy/nurse uniform. We found out recently that she outranked Grandpa, who translated Polish, Russian, and German during WW II. I'll be putting the lot of them on the CD even if some of them don't make it into the album.

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Grandma Shad. This'll be the last time I see her in NY; she's moving to Michigan to be with her own children on December 1st or 2nd. I'm really happy that her daughters and sons want her back, and that I got her for 31 years, but sad all the same. I'm going to miss her, and I don't know where she'll be in relation to Kirsti and Terry or turnberryknkn. Anyway, I should try to get to sleep so that I'm up and dressed when she stops by.
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