Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last night it took me a long time to go to sleep, and therefore I slept in. Mom finally got me up around 11 so we could get going. The first craft fair was a wash -- the crafts were uninspiring and the stalls only in one claustrophobia-inducing room. Even the forbidden fruit (baked goods) didn't appeal. The second one didn't exist. It's always the same weekend as this one, according to Mom, so she was really confused. We did finally get to the elusive Arthur Treacher's when it was actually open and finally got our fish and chips. Actually, Mom had a BOGO for fish, chicken, and chips, but I traded her my chicken for her fish.

We stopped at a few places to get presents for Pamela and my cousin Susanna, who just got two guinea pigs (Mom says their names are something like Princess and Duchess). I wish she'd either gotten smaller rodents like hamsters or gerbils, or that she'd gotten ferrets. There are so many adorable fert toys out there. I also played with (or rather, petted in between being bitten by) several baby ferrets, and drolled over the kitty condos the pet store had. Then we stopped at Twin Orchards (where the best apples and cider in the world are sold) and got a half gallon of cider and a bag of apples, and then went to a Hostess outlet where we got powdered sugar donuts.

The idea was to go up to Grandpa's and tempt him with the donuts and cider, since he needs to gain 20 pounds. Mom had decided I needed to wear a surgical mask, but that didn't last long. Mary made me take it off because she said she couldn't hear me with it on. I put it on any time I got near him, just not when I was sitting across the room and chatting. Anyway, the plan somewhat backfired in that Grandpa wasn't hungry (and Mary assured us he'd eaten fairly well today) and has been told by his doctor to cut back on the acidic drinks. We did leave him several of the donuts for later, and had a nice visit. He's looking far better than he did last time, and we found out his first chemo session won't be until after Andy and I leave in December.

CJ is being Christened tomorrow, though I'm not on the list of people attending the mass, almost certainly because Gerry and Julie didn't realize I'd be here. Pamela is Godmother. Grandpa and Mary won't be coming down until afterward so Grandpa isn't exposed to all of the people. I'll be joining in then for the small gathering at Gerry and Julie's. Although Julie's denomination baptizes infants much later than Catholics, the Christening gown which has been used for my four aunts and uncles, Pamela, all of my cousins, and me, still fits CJ. Mom was saying how the thing is something like eight layers, which I personally think is meant to keep the baby from kicking the priest.

Noia actually showed some restraint this time and didn't get her first beating in until today. She nailed me for the crime of stepping within striking range and I was struck accordingly. Then she suddenly decided she wanted to be petted, rubbed her furry little against my hand, and purred for a while. Within an hour she was back to hitting me again. Never a dull day with her. Oh, and the little bugger got into my backpack and chewed on Grandpa's photo album. Luckily she only really got the plastic covering it, not the album itself or the photos.

Pamela and Dave had planned to come up this afternoon, but something or other got plugged up or leaked in Pamela's basement, and they had to rescue all of the stuff on the floor which hadn't already been destroyed. They ended up arriving here about 21:30 and we chatted for a while, then they went to bed. I'm not tired yet, so I'm hanging out with Andy on our living room MUSH until closer to bedtime. It's not as good as being with him, but it makes being apart more bearable.
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